Roommates: A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of College Life

When you think about college, you think about partying until 4AM every Thursday through Saturday, studying your butt off day in and day out, making new friends and memories constantly, and finding adventure at seemingly every turn. What you forget about, are your roommates, and I’m not talking about the horror story roommates that steal your belongings, trash the room, or are just pure evil. I’m talking about the roommates that go wild with you every Thursday through Saturday and occasionally Monday through Wednesday too. I’m talking about the roommates that are studying away beside you in the library cubicles on the second floor and leaving you cute notes of encouragement. I’m talking about the roommates that embark on these adventures throughout college with you – feeling every emotion with you, fighting every obstacle with you, and accepting you at your absolute worse while also celebrating with you when you’re at your very best. I am talking about the roommates that become your family – the roommates who prove themselves to be the unsung heroes of college life.

I was seriously one of the lucky ones who somehow scored awesome roommates. Neither of them was perfect by any means, but nothing’s really perfect in this world, and they were just more than I could have ever asked for. This year, and especially this past spring semester, was nothing short of intense. It was a time filled with big changes, more demanding expectations, a plethora of failures, and a huge onslaught of emotions that I didn’t and couldn’t really handle. But this post isn’t a reflection or a synopsis about my crazy year. This post is a tribute to the two people who got me through it all and to whom I didn’t thank enough to.

When I had formal event after formal event and seemingly no more clothes to wear, my girls were there to offer up two more closets filled with options. When my heart fluttered over another boy, my girls were there to push me into him and fill me with courage when I was feeling that I lacked some. Whenever I felt beaten down and frustrated beyond belief, my girls were there to pick me back up and to offer themselves up as listening ears or shoulders to cry on. When I was torn apart by the stress and sick to the point of trembling beyond control, my girls were there to drug me up and tuck me into bed. When the armor I put on every day started to chip away, my girls were there to act as my shield and sword – protecting me from the big bad world when I wasn’t at my 100%.

The words ‘thank you’ don’t quite capture how much gratitude lies in my heart, and the words ‘I love you’ can’t quite seem to demonstrate the amount of affection and adoration I have overflowing in my heart. But for a lack of better words, thank you to my two roommates. Thank you for stepping up and becoming my family when I felt completely incapable and alone. Thank you for all that you have done, and I love you both for all that you two are and are for me. Emma, Dal, you two were the unsung heroes of my college life, and I hope you two enjoyed the little tribute.


Shout-out to my “unsung heroes of college life,” Emma (far left) and Dalia (middle)